National Cancer Prevention Month

February is national cancer prevention month, a month to bring awareness towards research and screenings that help save lives. More than 40 percent of all cancers diagnosed can be attributed to preventable causes. Smoking, excess body weight and excessive exposure to the sun are all things we should look out for in order to prevent the development of cancer.

Being aware of your health, regularly exercising, wearing sunscreen, and going to regular screenings can all help prevent cancer. If your family history is affected by this disease, it is recommended to get an annual screening in order to prevent cancer from spreading if it is already in the body.

The type of exams most commonly known to detect and monitor cancer are:

Mammography: This exam is used to find breast cancer. mammography units or Mammo Units are used to detect this disease. A breast MRI can also be used to find this disease.

MRI: This medical imaging equipment is used to help find cancer in organs like the brain and spinal cord. MRI Scanners use magnetic fields.

CT Scan: CT Scanners can also help detect and monitor cancer, they work with an X-Ray system, and MRI Equipment uses magnetic fields to produce the images.

Our contribution towards health awareness is helping facilities everywhere to upgrade and purchase medical imaging equipment. It is highly crucial for patients to take the initiative and get yearly screenings done, especially when family history points to cancer. Pay attention to symptoms and signs that can make you aware of this disease, and always talk to your doctor about having these done.

Here at Medilab Global, we are happy to provide hospitals and facilities with refurbished MRI machines for sale, Mammo units, and used CT Scanners that can help doctors detect cancer. We specialize in selling used medical imaging equipment that helps diagnose patients daily! Our facility offers a wide range of used radiology equipment, such as Used MRI Machines For Sale and used X-Ray equipment. 


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