Comparing Bone Exams

When your doctor recommends a bone exam, it can be for various reasons. A bone exam allows doctors to analyze the inside of your bones with a detailed image taken by an imaging test. This can be to observe the bone or to track an illness and its progression. There are two types of bone exams that a doctor can recommend, one is a nuclear imaging test called a three-phase bone scan and the other is a DEXA scan, a typical type of  medical imaging equipment modality.

Three-Phase Bone Scan

This type of exam will help doctors evaluate how an injected contrast agent is processed by the bones. The tracer is injected and made out of radioactive material that is non harmful to the body. The radiation emitted is equivalent or similar to that of a CT scan. A doctor takes images with a special camera after the injection and once again after a few hours. This helps reveal diseases or conditions in the bones. This test helps see where the tracer has moved within the bones, it is good for revealing small fractures, cancer, tumors or infections. If the tracer material concentrates in a spot or if there is no sign of the tracer material, this can indicate there is something wrong.

DEXA Bone Scan

A Dexa scan is completed in a quick amount of time, usually within 10 minutes. This exam is used to measure bone mineral density. In order to detect bone fractures and osteoporosis, patients are likely to go through a bone density scan.  Bone densitometers or dexa scanners are part of the standard modalities of medical imaging equipment and they don’t require complex scanning procedures.

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