A Detailed Look Into Brain MRI

MRI Machines are of the most popular types of medical imaging equipment, with technology advancing every day, this modality is used to combine the force of a magnetic field, radio waves, and a computer system to create highly detailed images of the brain. An MRI machine in most cases can be superior to a CT Scan when imaging the brain, since it can easily determine the difference between normal and abnormal soft tissue. An MRI device can detect abscesses, aneurysms and tumors so they are highly beneficial when discovering abnormalities.

Before going through the process, a doctor may ask a series of questions regarding your medical history. A detailed search for any metal objects will be performed, due to the high powered magnetic field. Nothing can interfere with its functioning during the scan, so you aren’t allowed to wear any metal objects. If you have metallic implants of any sort, you will be guided towards another type of imaging modality.  Medical imaging equipment can be intimidating, so patients who suffer from claustrophobia can benefit from going to an imaging center with an open MRI machine where the process will be more comfortable.

If there are any concerns regarding your MRI scan, or about the MRI machine and how it works,  your doctor can facilitate a brief explanation of the process. More delicate tests like those scanning or monitoring brain cancer will require the use of a contrast dye solution in order to detail a specific zone further. The solution will travel through the bloodstream and then point out or highlight specific parts of the brain that require attention.

This exam will last about 30- 60 minutes, and has no contraindications unless one presents an allergy towards the contrast solution. Your results will be read and analyzed by the doctor previous to the patient reading. 

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