October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women everywhere, and October is dedicated to raising awareness of this disease. When it is detected early, properly, and when treatment is available, it can be possible to cure it. Early detection plays a massive part in breast cancer awareness, including medical imaging.

The most common type of breast cancer screening is a mammogram. Although mammography units are medical imaging equipment, they don’t expose patients to as much radiation as other medical imaging equipment. Mammograms compress and flatten the breast to spread apart and examine the tissue. The technologist will take an X-ray of the breast as it is being compressed for about 15 seconds. A side compression will also be done to scan all the tissue in the breast.

Another type of breast cancer screening will entail having a breast MRI done. Breast MRI uses magnets and radio waves to create the image of the scan. Getting screened every 8-12 months is important for early detection; talk to your doctor about the best type of screening for you. Being aware of symptoms and following a healthy balanced lifestyle can help reduce your risk of breast cancer. 

At Medilab Global, we consider this month very important for women everywhere! We are proud to provide doctors and facilities with medical imaging equipment, such as mammography units and breast MRIs, that help diagnose patients daily. We specialize in preowned medical imaging equipment and refurbished radiology equipment used in hospitals worldwide! We are happy to sell used medical equipment and be a part of helping doctors save lives


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