MRI vs CT Scanners, Which One Is Best For Your Facility?

Both MRI Machines and CT Scanners are very common, but determining which is best for your facility will come easiest when understanding the advantages and disadvantages of both. Both modalities are able to take axial, coronal, and sagittal images of the human body. The images are created using algorithms that show all the major organs, bones, and vessels in the heart and brain.

MRI Machines have different magnetic field strengths measured in Tesla, ranging from 1.5T- 7.0T. CT Scanners come in different slice counts, ranging from 1 slice to 250+ slices. On MRI Equipment, the higher the strength of the magnet, the more detailed the images are. The main difference between both modalities is the way the images are produced. CT Scanners work with an X-Ray system, and MRI Equipment uses magnetic fields to produce images.

In a CT Scanner procedure, the patient is placed on a table in the gantry while the X-Ray tube rotates, taking images of the whole body at different angles. MRI Machines use strong magnetic fields and radio frequencies to produce images. During an MRI scan, the patient is placed inside the MRI device with a coil placed on the part of the body that is to be scanned. Coils help enhance the quality of the image. In both scanning procedures, the images are produced through computer algorithms. Blood flow can also be seen through CT and MRI procedures in real time to diagnose blood clots and strokes quickly.

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MRI Equipment does not use radiation, therefore it has a great advantage over CT Scanners. Patients with metallic implants and claustrophobia are not eligible to take an MRI scan due to the high-powered magnetic field and closed bore. On the contrary, CT uses radiation, and patients with metallic implants are cleared to take this exam. Both modalities have different things to offer, depending on what your patients’ needs are.

The result time can vary with both modalities, MRI Machines can take up to 2 hours to deliver results, while a CT scan will take up to 10 minutes at most. CT Scanners have shorter scan times than MRI Machines and are generally more affordable. Whichever modality you choose for your facility will give you great benefits. Be sure to know what pros and cons come into conflict when determining which is best for your facility.


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