Tips for your C-Arm Battery Lifespan

Getting the most out of your C-Arm battery is crucial for your facility’s productivity. There are many ways you can extend your C-Arms battery lifespan while operating your medical imaging equipment. Regular maintenance, how frequently you use your C-Arm, and the applications you use all interfere with the outcome of your battery lifespan. The average lifespan for your C-Arms battery is about 2-3 years. For some of the OEC models available in the market, we offer some recommendations you might want to consider.

If you own an OEC C-Arm anywhere from the 8800 model to the 9900 model, you can consider following some tips to extend your battery’s lifespan. If you own Used C-Arm X-ray Machines or Refurbished C-Arm Machines, you will also need to foresee any habits that can wear out your C-Arm battery faster.

Knowing when to charge your batteries is important, typically a warning message might appear if your C-Arms battery has dropped to 70%. Once it reaches the 40% battery limit, you will have to put your batteries to charge automatically. Running on a low battery status can affect the productivity of your C-Arm. Your medical imaging equipment runs at its best while fully charged, this is why you must always guarantee a charge of over 70% on your system before use. Whenever it is not being used, your C-Arm should be plugged in, this may include charging overnight.

Overcharging can also be an issue, so make sure not to keep your C-Arm plugged in for more time than you have to, as both extremes can be damaging to your system. The recommended charging time for your C-Arm is for an hour a day at least three times during the week.

There comes a time when your C-Arm batteries when it is inevitable to replace them. Try to avoid downtime by having them replaced before they completely run out; this way, your facility guarantees always being able to use your system. 

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