World Lung Cancer Awareness Day

On August 1st every year, we commemorate world lung cancer day. The mission for this day is to raise as much awareness as possible and promote early screening for this disease. According to the World Health Organization, more people die from lung cancer than from liver, breast, and colon cancer combined. Most lung cancers can be detected by screening, while others are detected because they are causing other problems. Many imaging tests are performed in order to detect cancer. These include X-Rays, CT Scans, MRI, and PET scans.

Here at Medilab Global, we are happy to provide hospitals and facilities with refurbished MRI machines for sale and used CT Scanners, that can help doctors detect lung cancer. We specialize in selling used medical imaging equipment that helps diagnose patients daily! Our facility offers a wide range of used radiology equipment, such as Used MRI Machines For Sale and used X-Ray equipment. 


An X-Ray will be the first exam used to scan for lung cancer, if a doctor detects any abnormalities, they will most likely perform more tests.

CT Scan

A CT Scanner will take many detailed pictures of the lungs and compile them to generate a slice of the body part being scanned. A CT Scan is more likely to detect any form of lung cancer than a normal X- Ray chest scan. It can detect the size, shape, and position of the lung tumor and it can be used to scan different parts of the body where cancer may have spread.


This is another way of screening for lung cancer. Instead of X-Rays, an MRI Machine will use radio waves and has a strong magnetic field that can detect if cancer has spread to the spinal cord or brain.

Unfortunately, lung cancer does not have one cause, smoking, increasingly polluted air, and exposure to gasses can all cause lung cancer. It is crucial to get screened if you have been exposed to any of these causes for long periods of time. Preventing the spreading of cancer to other areas can be very important as well, and this may come as a result of early screening. We highly encourage people to get screened for this disease, and we are more than happy to provide the medical imaging equipment required to help the cause of cancer!

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