Every day, more ultrasound machines are used to deal with various applications. This medical imaging equipment is easy to use, lightweight and provides clear images. They are portable, making them very convenient for facilities, and their batteries are considered long life on and off-site. Portable ultrasound machines are used for many different applications and come in a wide range of frequencies. They are used in Abdominal, Orthopedics, Rheumatology, Gastroenterology, Cardiology, Urology, and Vascular fields. Let’s go over the different frequencies used in portable radiology equipment.

With ultrasound technology, soundwaves can provide clear images of internal body structures. However, the speed of sound waves is not constant and cannot travel without a medium. When there is an increase in frequency, sound beams tend to be more direct and narrow. The frequency of sound waves must be inversely proportional to their penetration. With an increase in frequency, the penetration of the sound wave is decreased. 

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When the sound waves travel through a medium, these cause the molecules to vibrate, which then makes them contract and expand, causing sound waves to go through one molecule to the next. Typically, higher frequency ultrasounds are used to image superficial body structures, while lower frequency ultrasounds are used to scan deeper structures and organs. According to radiopaedia.org, here is a guide to frequency and body parts:

2.5 MHz: obstetric, gynecological, and deep abdomen imaging

3.5 MHz: obstetric, general abdomen, and gynecological imaging

5 MHz: vascular, breast, and general abdomen imaging

7.5 MHz: breast and thyroid

10 MHz: thyroid, breast, superficial masses and veins and musculoskeletal imaging

15 MHz: musculoskeletal and superficial structures imaging

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