Everything About Mobile C-Arms

A C- Arm X- Ray machine is an efficient and essential tool that helps doctors scan and diagnose many diseases everywhere. This type of medical imaging equipment is often used in orthopedics, cardiology, vascular surgery, and traumatology. Its more practical model, the mobile C- Arm or portable C Arm machine, is among the favorite of all imaging machines. This device offers practical scanning due to its easy mobility. You can easily transport it from one room in your facility to another. 

A mobile C-Arm is an imaging device that uses X-Ray technology. The X-Ray source and X-Ray detector are connected by a C shape which ultimately gives it its name. C-Arms provide high-quality scans and images in real-time. During a procedure, a doctor or surgeon can monitor progress and make crucial decisions based on the results of these images.

How it works

Mobile C- Arms all have a generator and an image intensifier or flat panel detector. The C shape allows movement horizontally, vertically, and across an axis. This means that it can scan at almost every angle.

The X-Rays caused by the generator penetrate the body and are then converted into clear images by the image intensifier, which then comes up on the monitor. Doctors are able to identify and check the detailed images and gather conclusions.

Analog C-Arms 

If the image intensifiers are analog, the X-Ray hits a fluorescent surface which glows depending on the strength of the radiation. An analog camera captures the glow and then shows it on the monitor.

Digital Technology

When the image intensifier is digital, it has modern flat panel technology. The intensity of the X-Rays is converted into a digital scan. The images are free of distortion due to electron optics.

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