Keep your MRI Equipment Cool

If you’re looking to purchase refurbished MRI systems, you might want to keep a few tips in mind to successfully run your equipment. An MRI machine requires certain helpful guidelines to guarantee its correct use and lifespan. One of the most important things to keep in mind when talking about an MRI machine is to make sure the device stays cool. Below are some tips to make sure the MRI device at your facility is running smoothly!

Opt for a Service Contract

Having a service contract guarantees your refurbished MRI machine will be regularly checked and maintenanced. To keep your MRI machine cool, the compressor and the cold head must be correctly functioning. The compressor is cooled by cold water that is supplied by the chiller. If the chiller isn’t working properly, the cold-head and compressor will shut down. We advise facilities to establish routine servicing at least twice a year.

Remote Monitoring

You can program your MRI device to update you when the chiller or cold-head is not working. Power outages can cause damage and helium loss to your MRI machine, if you have these alerts installed, you can make sure your equipment is checked promptly by an engineer.


Preventative maintenance is extremely crucial, even when your refurbished MRI machine is running perfectly. Losing liquid helium can become an issue when the cold-head shuts down and making sure you’re not spending money on emergency repairs is important when saving on your medical imaging equipment. 

Regularly check your MRI system

If you start to see minor issues on your used MRI scanner, make sure to get them checked out before they become a bigger problem. Many times, the cold-head will stop working and the facility does not notice for days. Avoid any future spending on problems that can be foreseen.

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