The Evolution of X-ray Machines and Purchasing Options

Throughout the years technology has improved drastically and has made this world more efficient. This Tuesday, July 20, 2021, Jeff Bezos (also a Miami, FL Business Pioneer) made history by taking a short rocket trip to space to see Earth from there. Many moons ago, I bet Bezos never even thought about an outer space journey with his brother, let alone with fellow passengers aged 18-years-old and 82-years-old! Like Amazon, the internet and constant technological advances impact the medical field, especially the medical equipment industry side of it. For instance, the medical imaging equipment that researchers, surgeons, and doctors use at their hospitals and respective medical facilities, sometimes require software upgrades or parts replacements, rather than NEW medical equipment systems. As a result, the internet and availability of software upgrades has facilitated bridging the gap between end users like doctors and their more accessible medical equipment and parts purchasing options with resellers- such as Medilab Global.

Hence, medical equipment resellers of preowned and refurbished medical imaging equipment like Medilab Global are important to the field of medicine in the USA and worldwide: we work with technicians, engineers, and a ton of additional imaging equipment experts so that your purchases meet your country and practice requirements. One great example of a portable x-ray that has revolutionized the way x-ray exams are taken is the 2011 Siemens Mobilette XP Digital Portable X-Ray. Before, x-ray machines were clunky, provided lesser image quality, they were uncomfortable for radiologists and patients, took longer for procedures and the older machines were stationary. Now, there are x-ray machines like the mobilette that are lightweight and equipped with tires that help overcome any floor resistance, they also come with a convenient handbrake that stops systems safely. Furthermore, the compact design x-rays allow transportation in elevators and other areas where space might be limited, like in an ICU.

Fortunately, it’s safe to say that hospitals and medical professionals alike now have much more efficient ways of taking x-rays as well as more impactful avenues to purchase the r x-ray systems they require. Medilab Global takes to heart and mind that helping medical field professionals starts with providing quality medical imaging equipment for their patients. We are happy to enable our clients save one life at a time with the imaging equipment we provide them. Visit us in person at our offices in Miami, FL or book a virtual appointment for a virtual tour.


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