Digital vs Analog Mammography Units

When looking to purchase used medical imaging equipment, it is important to see what options are available with each piece of equipment. In this case, used mammography equipment comes in two modalities, Digital and Analog. Many benefits are in store when it comes to digital mammography units. Technology advances daily and digital technology provides faster results, more detailed images, and easy storage.

Some Pros of Digital mammography units
Immediate Results that guarantee detailed scans, one of the benefits of this is being able to easily retake a scan in case you need to reposition your patient.
Less radiation exposure than analog devices.
Easier breast cancer detection in patients with more dense breast tissue

Some Cons of Digital mammography units
Digital mammography units are known to be more expensive, as with any digital medical imaging equipment
More expensive repairs when dealing with a digital detector. This part is very delicate and requires good use.
Ambient temperature can take a toll on the equipment.

Some Pros of Analog mammography units
Provides a digital image and is less expensive in the long run.
Repairs are less expensive

Some Cons of Analog mammography units
The device takes longer to process the image
Inferior image quality
When it comes to repairs, parts may be more difficult to find
Archiving images can be more difficult

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