Digital vs Analog Medical Imaging Equipment

Digital and Analog: What are they? How do they work? Which should I use based on my patient’s situation?

All possible questions that can be asked today as technology and software rapidly create state of the art options.

At Medilab Global, we Resell and Purchase both Digital and Analog medical imaging equipment. Each provides accurate diagnostic imaging for medical specialists. Therefore, the type of work your medical provider practices determines their requirements for Digital or Analog medical equipment. Thus, doctors, medical imaging specialists and medical equipment engineers work hand in hand with resellers to ensure patients are examined with Digital or Analog critical care.

The upside about Digital imaging medical equipment is that it has next-gen technology which helps make some medical imaging equipment more efficient. For instance, radiation doses dropped by 30%-40% in check-ups, analysis of diagnostic images and the transfer of images electronically to a central location for diagnoses also reduces the amount of time for the routine imaging processes. As a result, Digital is priced higher for their added value. Here at Medilab Global our digital options are the following: Hologic Selenia Digital Mammography, GE Revolution XQi Digital Chest Radiography System, Agfa DX-D300 Digital RAD Room, and much more! All these digital equipment and more are continuously readily available at our Medilab Global warehouse to help medical experts produce more efficient and accurate results at their private and public practices within hospitals, clinics, and imaging centers.

Analog imaging medical equipment, although dated, still serve their purpose to provide image diagnosis and the specifics about a patient’s medical evaluation. As far as the functionality of an Analog Mammography, for example, these use film cassettes to provide images for regular mammo check-ups without a problem. And for medical facilities that have budgetary restrictions, Analog medical imaging systems are still great and cost friendly options. Especially in less technologically advanced countries, physicians rely on Analog- not primarily based on their cost effectiveness, rather due to the lack of electrical power or internet requirements Digital imaging medical systems may impose.

Accordingly, as medical imaging equipment resellers and medical imaging equipment buyers, Medilab Global concurrently maintains a wide variety of Analog medical imaging equipment such as used or refurbished OEC 9600 C-arms, Mammo Units like the GE 800T, and Philips Easy Diagnostic Rad Rooms.

All our used and refurbished Analog and Digital equipment are inspected for quality and function before we resell any imaging equipment, locally, nationally, and worldwide because the Medilab Global team is dedicated to helping health heroes that treat and save lives.

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