Bone Densitometers: The GE Lunar Prodigy

Out of all medical imaging equipment regarding bone densitometers, the GE Lunar Prodigy is one of the most acclaimed in the market. DXA technology has been upgraded over the years, making this system extremely precise and with very low radiation emission. It has many outstanding features including Scan Check, which is very efficient in patient care and workflow. This technology identifies and gives instructions on how to correct potential errors in analysis, acquisition, and artifact identification. This medical imaging equipment is known to be consistent from one exam to the next and can perform dual BMD measurements in one scan.

At Medilab Global, we are of the top medical imaging companies in the US, offering Diagnostic Imaging Equipment Sales, focusing on Pre-owned imaging equipment and Refurbished Medical Imaging Equipment such as bone density equipment. We are always updating our inventory and you can be sure to find DEXA scanners in our catalog.

The Lunar Prodigy is efficient in many aspects, given that you can access all data files simultaneously even from remote facilities. This can help you acquire and save images from anywhere you may need to. You can also manage your practice with many tools provided in the system such as InSite. This feature lets you create referring physician letters, and analyze and export data in easy-to-use formats.

Another feature of this bone density equipment is the Multi-View Image Reconstruction, this helps correct magnification errors and reduces the radiation dose with its direct to digital detector made of energy-sensitive materials. Out of all bone densitometers with wide angle systems, the Lunar Prodigy uses up to 96% less radiation. The GE Lunar Prodigy is available on our website, and is a remarkable choice for your facility, providing precision, accuracy, and efficient evaluation!

If you are looking to purchase medical imaging equipment or buy a DEXA scan machine make sure to contact us, we are happy to help!


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