Improve C-Arm Image Quality

If you’re having poor image quality on your C-Arm, it might be time to replace or recalibrate the image intensifier or the X-Ray tube on your equipment. Before you call a C-Arm repair group, make sure you have performed these useful tips beforehand. A basic diagnosis is useful and in many ways can help you save on repair. To perform a basic diagnosis, you must keep in mind the following suggestions:

1. Adjusting the height on your C-Arm can improve the image quality. When all of the parts are not correctly aligned, you can experience dysfunction in the image quality.

2. If the C- Arm is placed near different tissue densities, the AEC will try to focus on both places at the same time causing a grainy effect around the edges of the screen. You must center the tube on the area with the most density first, and then move on to the least dense.

3. The AEC might need to be recalibrated or replaced, so you might want to adjust the mA and KvP manually, this can be a temporary fix before calling the repair company.

4. Using the (Flouro+) boost on your C-Arm when imaging a dense body part, can help adjust the brightness/ contrast function in the meantime.

5. Make sure the wifi signal is working correctly on your C-Arm. Try moving the C-Arm to a different room if the problem persists and you are not able to transfer the images correctly.

6. Rebooting your C-Arm system might also help to restart the quality of your images.

In conclusion, these steps might help the image quality of your C-Arm improve. If that isn’t the case, at Medilab Global we recommend you call your trusted servicing team to improve your C-Arm system. If it’s time to replace your C-Arm, we provide facilities with used medical imaging equipment, refurbished medical imaging equipment, or pre-owned medical imaging equipment. If you are looking to purchase medical imaging equipment, make sure to contact us, we are happy to help and we have Refurbished C-Arm Machines and Used C-Arm X-ray Machines! We ship worldwide to hospitals, clinics, pain management facilities, and much more! We have Used C-Arms for sale and a wide range of options to choose from.


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