Mammography for Early Cancer Detection

In the US alone, 1 in 2 women and 1 in 3 men will develop cancer in their lifetime. Due to these unfortunate statistics, professionals in the medical industry have developed special equipment like CT Scanners and Mammo Units to help detect cancerous tumors or any abnormal masses in a patient’s body. Here at Medilab Global we have multiple CT Scanners and Mammo Units, one of them being the Hologic Selenia Digital Mammography Unit. This Mammo Unit uses solid-state detectors to record the x-ray pattern passing through the breast. These detectors convert the x-rays that pass through them into electronic signals that are sent to a computer, which shows the professional whether the patient has cancerous cells or not. 

There are two types of Mammo units: Analog and Digital. Analog Mammography depends on film to produce x-ray images. Whereas Digital Mammos captures x-rays on a digital detector that converts the x-rays into electrical signals. These electrical signals are then transferred to a computer. We are happy to offer both Preowned and Refurbished Digital and Analog Mammography Units at our Medilab Global warehouse.

Unfortunately, many of our Medilab Staff have family members that were diagnosed with cancer. Thankfully, Healthcare Heroes and the necessary medical imaging equipment that they used, revealed cancerous cells early on to prevent spreading throughout the rest of their body. In turn, each were treated successfully and recovered their heath-cancer free! As a result, Medilab Global is a big supporter of Breast Cancer Awareness. Some preventative measures for women are annual Mammo scans, BRACA and Pap smear tests. On the other hand, while men are also encouraged to do Mammo scans, their most common exams are for the prostate. Yet both are supposed to keep up with annual physical exams that sometimes include imaging results from X-Rays or Ultrasounds, as additional preventative measures too.  

Medilab Global is adamant about providing invaluable, Preowned and Refurbished medical imaging equipment all around the world to Doctors, Hospitals, Universities and especially Cancer Researchers. Plus, we also offer Medical Parts replacements for those that cannot afford purchasing full systems. We keep our warehouse fully stocked and invite you to visit the Medilab Global office for a pandemic safe visit or virtual tour. And if you are going to the FIME Show, we look forward to meeting you there!   


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