CT Scanners have made imaging in recent times more convenient. So it is no surprise that technology has advanced, and models are made to improve patient needs daily. One of these models is the Spiral CT, which can create 3D images of most areas inside the body and can detect abnormalities at a rapid screen time. When determining which type of CT scanner is best for your facility, you must keep in mind different things. And if you’re looking for a more affordable choice, you can always consider used medical imaging equipment, such as refurbished CT Scanners or used CT Scanners which we provide at Medilab Global. 


CT Scanners can be single-sliced, or multi-sliced. The ideal slice count depends on your workflow and the type of exams you tend to provide. Multi-slice CT Scanners come in 4,6,8,16,32,40,64 slice settings. You can expand its capabilities and settings when you increase the slice count, this is recommended for cardiac facilities.

2- 4 slice count CT Scanners

These will provide fast results and high image quality in a 0.8-0.5 second 360 scan. These are a great option for facilities with mid to high scanning volume.

16 slice CT Scanners

These can perform a wide range of procedures that can be complicated. You can identify full organ structures while having a high-resolution result although it can be limiting for full cardiac analysis.

32 Slice CT Scanners

These provide shorter scanning times than a 16 slice with great image quality as well.

64 Slice CT Scanners

This type of medical imaging equipment is very recommended for cardiac studies. The detail and speed of these machines can provide excellent quality in scanning for heart contractions, blood flow in the arteries, plaque formation, and can detail small structures like vessels and arterial branches. These produce incredibly sharp images with reduced scan time.

Mobile CT Scanners are also very common. They are useful in many situations and very recommended if your facility covers lower traffic at different locations. You can easily transport the unit from one facility to the other. This can be great when reaching remote patients. Purchasing used medical imaging equipment, such as refurbished CT Scanners or used CT Scanners can save you up to 70% of your investment. 


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