Pre-Owned Lunar Prodigy Densitometers

There is one thing that not a single person can control in life: aging. Aging comes with multiple consequences, one of them being the weakening of bones. Besides aging, there are also many bone diseases that can afflict anyone at any age. Luckily with modern-day technology, medical imaging equipment enables Doctors to properly inform patients about their bone health. For example, a Preowned GE Lunar Prodigy Densitometer available here at our Medilab Global warehouse is specifically designed to determine the density of a patient’s bones. The Lunar Prodigy Densitometer sends a thin, invisible beam of low-dose x-rays with two distinct energy peaks through the bones being examined. One peak is absorbed mainly by soft tissue and the other by bone. The soft tissue amount can be subtracted from the total and what remains is a patient’s bone mineral density.

Needless to say, when a person ages or suffers from a bone disease, they rely on their Medical Professionals to provide meticulous care at affordable costs. So rather than buying new medical equipment that can be extremely expensive, Medical Specialists all around the world can opt-in to help keep costs low for their patients by either repairing their equipment, purchasing preowned medical equipment or by buying refurbished medical imaging equipment- like those that Medilab Global offers. Medilab Global provides quality and accessible medical imaging equipment such as Bone Densitometers, to help lower costs for Medical Professionals and Specialists working hard on your health at hospitals, medical clinics, private medical practices, and more.

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