Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Used Mammography Unit

If you are in the market for a used or refurbished mammography unit, there are many models you can choose from nowadays! With every model come different features that influence the pricing but the most important is without a doubt the system installation, shipment, and storage. Before deciding to purchase any type of used medical imaging equipment there are some factors to consider.

System History

Knowing the system’s history is very important. You must make sure to know the medical imaging equipment’s status at the time of the de-installation. If the system was professionally deinstalled, there should be a record of the functionality at the time of the process. Guaranteeing the servicing status indicates the system was previously taken care of.

System Inspection

Guaranteeing system performance before the de-installation process is crucial, so your vendor should be able to prove this as well. Calibration testing results in a used mammography unit including ACR image test, bad pixel test, and a flat field calibration test must be performed before purchasing any pre-owned medical imaging equipment such as a mammography machine.

System Storage

Used medical imaging equipment requires proper storage with adequate climate control. Mammo units and all medical imaging equipment are sensitive to storage conditions, and your seller must be able to prove proper storage protocols.

System Shipping

Be sure to ask for specific details in the shipping logistics regarding the medical imaging equipment.

At Medilab Global, we ensure proper de-installation, packing, and crating for our used medical imaging equipment since this requires proper attention and detail to ensure product safety. These are some of the main questions to ask your seller before purchasing pre-owned medical imaging equipment.

We specialize in preowned medical imaging equipment such as mammography units and mammogram mobile units and we have these mammos for sale! If you are currently typing into your search engine “Mammography Machine For Sale” be sure to check out our current options! We guarantee our used medical imaging equipment provides facilities with high-quality imaging systems for sale. We also purchase medical imaging equipment and if you are interested you can fill out this form to sell used medical equipment and we will get back to you as soon as possible!


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