How safe are MRI Scans?

MRI machines are commonly used in radiology to scan and take detailed images of internal body structures. One of the most commonly asked questions regarding this imaging technique regards how safe it can be. MRI equipment happens to be relatively safe due to the lack of radiation, although there are some precautions to be considered before an MRI scan.

  1. According to the FDA, the contrast agents used in MRI scans (GCBA’s) can cause side effects like allergic reactions. 
  2. MRI machines can cause claustrophobia for some patients due to tight space. This can be avoided with an Open MRI Machine. Patients can consult their physician to decide which option is best, and also be prescribed medication to ease the process.
  3. During longer screenings, there can be concern over radiofrequency energy heating the body.
  4. Patients with implanted devices must know if the device is MR Safe.
  5. Ear protection must be worn due to the noise level coming from the MRI equipment.
  6. Patients must be carefully screened for any metal objects such as keys, jewelry, or phones since the magnetic field in an MRI machine is very strong.

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