C- Arm battery life

C-Arms are used worldwide for surgical procedures, gastrointestinal labs, pain centers, and orthopedic procedures. C- Arms require a lot of power to run, and to maintain and extend the battery life there are some important tips to keep in mind. To produce X- Rays, C-Arms must use a substantive amount of power ( 40 -120 KV), therefore they require to be plugged into a wall outlet and to have additional batteries. The wall outlet mainly covers the power used for the monitors.

This type of medical imaging equipment requires two batteries weighing about 30 lbs each, with about 100 KV, to function. At the same time, the C-Arm is light enough to move around any facility. Depending on the type of C- Arm, the battery can vary. Mini C-Arms for example, tend to only require one battery, while a full-sized C- Arm mainly requires two. Battery life depends on the use, but a typical C-Arm battery will last about 5 years if used daily. 

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To prevent overcharging, C-Arms must be unplugged and booted after a week of inactivity. If you stumble across a pre-charge error, you must drain the voltage on the battery below 250 V by raising and lowering the C-Arm column. To preserve battery power, C-Arms must be plugged in every night after use since the battery requires from 2 to 4 hours to charge.

Medical imaging equipment such as C-Arms will typically let you know when the battery must be replaced. This happens after noticing you have plugged in the C-Arm overnight and the battery power is only up to 70%. When this happens, your system will show a sign that informs you to ¨Wait¨. In this case, it is necessary to replace the battery. In conclusion, be sure to replace the batteries on your C-Arm about every 5 years or so, to maintain your system functioning to its maximum potential.

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