C- Arms: Flat Panel Detectors or Image Intensifier?

When it comes to C-Arms, a potential buyer must make specific decisions regarding the equipment. This can include size, power requirements, software, and price. One of the latest options for a potential C-Arm buyer is if they want an analog or digital system. Traditional C-Arms can come with an image intensifier or newer flat-panel detectors. Today, we will go over the differences to help you make the right decision for your practice!

When considering a C-Arm, you must keep in mind that an image intensifier will provide high-quality images for some time but eventually will start to decrease the quality. A flat panel detector is capable of providing great quality images for years with little to no degradation and for a longer time than analog. With an image intensifier, when you magnify, your field of vision is reduced. With a digital C- Arm you are not likely to have this problem. This type of medical imaging equipment guarantees an undeniable improvement.

Flat-panel detectors can deliver a higher potential than analog systems. However, our professionals recommend you make sure your C-Arm is properly serviced and taken care of when needed. The image quality depends greatly on how the system is cared for and it responds positively when properly serviced. Digital systems will run at a greater price but we offer pre-owned medical imaging equipment and we have a wide range of options to choose from, without reducing quality.

A digital system will also run on a low radiation dose due to the wide range of views that they provide to digital detectors. Digital detectors also take up less space. In conclusion, the advance in technology for digital systems has greatly improved quality and efficiency for facilities everywhere! 

At Medilab Global, we provide facilities with used medical imaging equipment, refurbished medical imaging equipment, or pre-owned medical imaging equipment. If you are looking to purchase medical imaging equipment, make sure to contact us, we are happy to help and we have Refurbished C-Arm Machines and Used C-Arm X-ray Machines! We ship worldwide to hospitals, clinics, pain management facilities, and much more! We have Used C-Arms for sale and a wide range of options to choose from.


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