Time to Replace the X-Ray Tube on your CT Scanner?

CT scanners are used to produce detailed images of the many structures in the body, blood vessels, and bones. They can help diagnose many diseases and conditions including damage to the organs, and bones and problems with blood flow. This type of medical imaging equipment helps doctors everywhere to get a closer look at these conditions. The parts that makeup CT scanners are complex, therefore making the equipment very costly. 

One of the most important and therefore costly parts of this medical imaging equipment is the X-Ray tube. If the time has come to replace the X-Ray tube or you are thinking of purchasing used medical imaging equipment, Medilab Global can assist you! The durability of the parts on CT scanners depends on many things, and there are a few things to keep in mind when trying to determine when it is best to replace the X-ray tube on your CT scanner.

Clicks or counts

CT scanners can tell you how many exposures the tube has gone through, yet it does not specify how much power was utilized during each procedure. With this, it can be hard to identify whether this factor can pinpoint if the tube must be replaced. Brands like Toshiba for example, specify that you can estimate the time the tube has been utilized with the gantry rotation speed.

Total Number of Exams

A common but not very effective way to determine whether to change your X-Ray tube is probably to count the total number of exams performed on the imaging machine. This is because like the estimate of clicks and counts, it will not specify how much power was used during each scan, though if it is the only available information in some cases, it can also be taken into account.

Scan Seconds

A more effective way to know when it is necessary to replace your X-Ray tube is to measure the scan seconds and duration of tube exposure. This helps determine power usage and can be a good way to identify this problem.


MilliAmpere seconds or MA´s prove the length of exposure and how much power was used to run through the X-Ray tube. This can be the most effective and accurate method to determine whether it is time to change the X-Ray tube, and it is recommended by GE for most of their systems. It is important to note that these tips can help provide a more detailed decision, yet it is also recommended to check this through professional servicing. 

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