Comparing 1.5T and 3T MRI Machines

Both 1.5T and 3T MRI machines have their pros and cons. When deciding which is best for your facility, consider what types of screening your facility is most likely to offer. Comparing the 1.5T MRI and 3T MRI machines means that the magnetic strength of the MRI machine is proportional to the signal it receives from the human body. But just because 3T means double the power, this does not mean it is the best MRI machine option. Below are some facts about the 3T MRI Machine and the 1.5T MRI.

1.5T MRI

  • Shorter scan times compared to 1.0T models
  • Compatibility with most metal implanted devices
  • Weaker signal, sound pressure, and heating elements; therefore, not many safety concerns
  • Reduces possible distortion when in movement
  • High-quality scans
  • Not great at detecting small details, yet great for overall chest and abdomen scans

3T MRI Machine

  • Shorter scan times compared to 1.5T MRI. 
  • Compatibility with many metal implanted devices has not been proven
  • Sound pressure and noise are higher due to its potential
  • Clear images don’t likely allow image distortion
  • Great for scanning and detecting small details in bone, neurological, and vascular imaging

Although both models are very recommended, the 1.5T MRI Scanner may be best for you if your facility does not require very powerful applications. Keep in mind certain factors such as budget, patient traffic, services required most often, and personal preference when making this decision. 

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