Low Dose CT Scans for Detecting Lung Cancer

Doctors recommend screening every year for possible diseases. Depending on your family history or habits, it is important to prioritize certain tests. An estimated 736,000 people will be diagnosed with lung cancer this year in the US, and the key to catching this disease at an early stage is to get an early screening done.

The only recommended screening test for lung cancer is a low dose CT Scan provided by a CT Scanner. This kind of medical imaging equipment is used to scan and make detailed images of the lungs with a low amount or dose of radiation. A CT scanner is basically an X-Ray machine that can detect abnormalities in the lungs. For people who have had a history of smoking during the past 20 years or so, it is highly recommended to take a low-dose CT scan. 

Older adults with a smoking history who don’t currently have signs of lung cancer are recommended to take the test to be able to catch any abnormalities early on. With early detection, more lives can be treated in time, and therefore saved. By the time lung cancer symptoms have developed, it is more likely that the disease cannot be treated with efficiency.

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