Mini vs Full sized C-Arms

Determining whether to purchase a mini C-Arm or a full-sized C-Arm depends on your facility’s needs. Some facilities are focused on tasks that do not require all of the specs of a full-sized C-Arm machine. Factors such as space, patient needs, and convenience are all important when considering purchasing a C-Arm.

Benefits of a Mini C-Arm

When it comes to mini C-Arm machines, different advantages can be considered. The many benefits of this type of medical imaging equipment include the following:

  • Compact size and practical mobility
  • It can be operated by a surgeon
  • Screening time is lowered and radiation exposure is limited
  • Accurate results and portability


Mini C-Arm machines can’t:

  • Perform pain management
  • Scan anything bigger than the shoulder or knee
  • Perform spine, torso, or peripheral vascular studies 

When comparing a full-sized C-Arm X-ray machine to a mini C-Arm one can define what is best depending on the type of services that the facility covers. Mini C-Arms are very practical for facilities that specialize in the screening of smaller body parts or extremity work. They can ensure accuracy when screening, hands, knees, ankles, shoulders, and smaller areas. If you are looking to scan patients for more complex issues in the spine or other body parts, a full-sized C-Arm X-Ray machine can be the best option for you. If you are looking to purchase pre-owned medical imaging equipment, make sure to visit our website!

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