OEC 9800 VS OEC 9800 Plus C-Arm

The OEC 9800 is one of the most common models for C- Arm machines in the market. This version is one of the most popular due to its complete list of specs, but it has been questioned if the 9800 Plus comes with a few upgrades and a marketing strategy. C- Arms are of the most popular demand in the Medical Imaging Equipment industry due to their versatility. Below, we will list the differences between both C-Arm machines to help you better decide which one is best for you.

The OEC 9800 Plus had an upgrade in Software; although it is not exclusive to this model, it has also been upgraded a few times after its debut. Another essential part of this C-Arm is the DICOM; this one is now built-in and connects directly to your PACS system. You no longer require the DICOM box, and you can be sure the newer versions also have the built-in system.

The 9800 Plus has greater storage options of 400 images for all ESP packages and above. Even though most DCOM systems have access to more storage, there is no need to store so many images if you can send them to the network instead.

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We believe the difference in models isn’t relevant and is most likely just a rebranding of the original model. The upgrades are now available on all 9800 models when these are serviced, and most of the software updates were dictated and mandatory by the FDA shutdown back in 2007. You can find these models for a reasonable price in the market, and if it makes sense for your facility to purchase them, then it is always a win-win situation

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