Detecting Breast Cancer with a Mammography or a Breast MRI

Medical imaging equipment contributes to diagnosing breast cancer in patients everywhere. Two common ways or modalities which can detect this disease are mammography units or a breast MRI machine. With each modality, there are differences, and today we will discuss the main one’s. At Medilab Global, we have mammography units available as well as MRI machines for sale.

Breast MRI Machine

If radiation exposure is on your mind, there is no need to worry about a breast MRI. Unlike a mammography, MRI machines create images through magnetic fields, so there is no harm to the patient. MRI’s have the ability to detect smaller breast lesions that are sometimes mistakenly overlooked with a mammography unit. This is a great advantage over the mammography modality, given the precise way that it can be detected. Both modalities of medical imaging equipment have their advantages.

Mammography Units

Mammography units are among the most common medical imaging equipment when it comes to detecting this disease. It is recommended for most patients and the most effective when detecting calcifications in the breast and screening patients with metallic implants in the body that cannot go through an MRI machine. Image quality and lesion recognition have also improved in this modality due to 3d tomo technology. Mammography units can be 

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