Nuclear Medicine Systems And How They Work

Nuclear medicine is typically used to diagnose various diseases. These include neurological, gastrointestinal, and/or endocrine disorders as well as cancer, heart disease, or other conditions. Nuclear medicine uses radiotracers or small amounts of radioactive material to pinpoint molecular activity. This usually helps to determine if a treatment is being effective, or it can detect disease in its beginning stages. Here at Medilab Global, we offer facilities with refurbished nuclear medicine systems and refurbished nuclear cameras that will be used to diagnose patients. This type of medical imaging equipment is essential for diagnosing these diseases.

Radiotracers carry small amounts of radioactive material that accumulate in tumors or places where there is inflammation. You will most likely receive the radiotracer by injection or inhalation, depending on the exam and the radiotracer will then accumulate in the area that is under examination. A nuclear camera will then detect the emissions from the tracer and the computer will produce the image and give off the molecular information. Sometimes, to get a more exact diagnosis, doctors will fuse the results of a CT scan or an MRI scan with the result of a nuclear imaging exam, this is called co-registration. A PET/CT scanner will provide this type of combined imaging technology in a single result. Medilab Global specializes in this type of medical imaging equipment and we offer refurbished mobile PET/CT scanners that are used for this type of exam.

Another type of nuclear medicine imaging procedure includes visualizing the structure of specific organs, tissues, or bone systems in the body. For example, doctors can examine the heart’s blood flow or inspect the damage done to this organ following a heart attack. In the lungs, a doctor is able to scan for respiratory issues or determine the acceptance after a transplant. In the brain, this procedure is able to detect abnormalities in patients with symptoms or disorders like seizures or memory loss.

In conclusion, nuclear medicine systems are a very important part of imaging diagnosis. These systems can help determine the early stages of diseases and contribute to an overall assertive result.

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