What to expect during a Bone Densitometry scan

A bone densitometry scan or a DXA (Dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry) is used to measure bone density and mineral content. As we get older, some people can develop osteopenia, osteoporosis, or be at fracture risk, due to low bone density. A normal x-ray exam will not determine how weak the bones may be, yet a bone densitometry test is very important when it comes to preventing decreasing bone density and treating these issues at a more effective pace. Here at Medilab Global, we provide facilities with bone densitometers to help early diagnosis in patients worldwide. We have all types of pre-owned medical imaging equipment and used bone density machines for sale!

In preparation for this exam, it is important to have not consumed any type of calcium supplement in the past 4-6 hours. This can increase the levels of mineral content in the bones and produce a false diagnosis. It is also important to let your doctor or technician know if in the past few weeks you have gotten another type of imaging exam done that requires dye or contrast to be involved, as it can interfere with the results. After a few questions regarding family history and bone health, you will most likely proceed to the test.

During this test, the technician will ask you to lay on your back and you will be told to be completely still. It is very important not to move during the scan since this can affect the detail of the images. Depending on the body part being analyzed, the arm of the bone densitometer machine will pass over your body to scan with two different x-ray beams. This will most likely be the hip, wrist, or lower spine. In about 10-20 minutes the scan will be complete and this will result in a translated density measurement that will be interpreted by your physician or densitometrist. Bone health is extremely important and getting regular screenings done can lower the risk of osteoporosis.

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