Cath Labs and Medical Imaging

A catheterization laboratory, also known as a cath lab, is a hospital room where minimally invasive procedures or exams which help diagnose cardiovascular diseases are performed. A small and flexible tube called a catheter is used to access the heart and blood vessels. A standard procedure in a cath lab will typically last between 1 and 3 hours and will relate to an imaging exam. This type of medical imaging equipment can be used to further diagnose cardiovascular issues. The patient will most likely be sedated and the physician will prep the examination area.

Cath labs are usually filled with X-Ray imaging cameras which are used to display real-time images on the monitor. At Medilab Global, we have used radiology equipment and we can help you buy used cath labs for your facilities. A cath lab normally uses a single X-Ray source and image intensifier, although most new models can be digital and biplane ( 2 X-Ray sources) and have flat-panel detectors instead of an intensifier.

During testing, the patient will lay flat on the cath table and the cameras will move around the body to take the images. In most cases where blood vessels are examined, the patient will need to be previously injected with X-Ray dye using a catheter. An interventional cardiologist will work together with a team of X-Ray technicians and nurses to treat any arterial problems or cardiovascular issues, or even a full-blown heart attack. 

If your facility requires up-to-date medical imaging equipment, and you want to invest in great quality machines, Medilab Global offers a variety of used medical imaging equipment that can help your facility live to its maximum potential. Cath labs are an important part of cardiovascular medicine and help treat issues both minimal and critical.

If you are interested in acquiring Used Medical Imaging Equipment, Refurbished Medical Imaging Equipment or Pre-Owned Medical Imaging Equipment contact us at Medilab Global-  we are happy to help and we have used medical equipment such as used cath labs! We ship worldwide to hospitals, clinics, pain management facilities, and much more! 


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