National Women Physicians Day

Today we honor Women Physicians everywhere! Back in 1849, Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell became the first woman to be granted a medical degree in the United States. She started a movement which empowered women everywhere to fight for their rights to education in the medicine field. This day honors women Physicians worldwide and motivates women everywhere to fight for their dreams.

Life at work for a woman in the medical field means sometimes being seen as the weaker opponent. Although the number of women doctors has increased in the last two decades, study shows that women doctors tend to earn 8% less than their male counterparts. Women in the medical field often have to balance life at work and home. Expected to raise children or keep a home afloat while working long hours in the medical field is a task for champions. 

Today we recognize that women everywhere are worthy of working in even the toughest of industries. We celebrate their accomplishments and honor their practice more than ever. You can help support and empower women doctors everywhere by sharing a quick thank you to the doctors in your community!

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