Grocery Store Shortages In 2022

As COVID numbers rise worldwide due to new variants, we start to see some of the same issues we had at the beginning of the pandemic. Concern at grocery store aisles and uncertainty all around for what’s to come has consumers preoccupied. Some of the main reasons for these shortages include heavy winter storms across the US, transportation issues, Omicron, and labor shortages across the country.

Global Warming 

We are starting to see weather changes across the globe affect the food industry. With heavy rain damaging food crops in the tropics, to the increase in pricing for animal products like meat, poultry, and dairy products everywhere. Not to mention the rise in importation fees worldwide. Some of these factors have largely affected consumers when it comes to food availability.

Transportation Delays

Employment levels are at a downfall lately which directly affects the economy and therefore the food supply chain. Heavy weather changes also affect the roads on which food is transported daily. Transportation companies are longing to hire more employees but they’re not meeting demands. The Government seeks to fund the trucking industry to attract more workers with more benefits in mind.

Omicron Variant

This highly infectious Covid variant has the workforce on a downfall. The number of daily cases keeps rising and it’s keeping employers everywhere powerless. Employees are on isolation restriction therefore labor shortages take place in almost every industry that requires people to be present at work.

Staying Afloat 

Although we see how most of these factors are affecting our food supply, some industries are staying afloat with inventory. Preventing shortages by focusing on buying or stocking more products in case some of these issues present themselves is a great start. In the medical industry, for example, demand for equipment has risen in the past year and a half. Hospitals and clinics have a higher demand to attend patients with old and new health complications.

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