All about C-Arm Systems

Within all medical imaging machines, the C-Arm is one of the most useful to doctors everywhere. These high-resolution X-Ray machines allow doctors to immediately examine the human body and bone. The C- shaped arm makes it possible to connect the X-Ray source and the X-ray detector to one another. C-Arm machines are mainly used in surgical, orthopedic, and emergency procedures. In this short blog, we will go over the important parts of a C-Arm system.

Workstation Unit

The workstation is the main source of operation on a C-Arm machine. It controls everything from movements and positioning to enhancement software and radiographic settings. This is the part that directly operates the medical imaging machine.

X-Ray Generator

The X-Ray tubes on a C-Arm machine make it possible to generate the X-Rays. The operating system can be modified by the operator and the generator is controlled by the workstation. The risk of radiation is low due to the exposure time.

The Imaging System

The C-Arm is one of the most practical types of medical imaging machines. It can be easily controlled and used in various ways like surgical procedures, urology, cardiology, and orthopedic procedures. C-Arms allow multiple positioning, therefore making it easier to scan patients.

Image Intensifier

This part of the C-Arm machine guarantees the conversion of X-Rays into visible light at a higher intensity than fluorescent screens do. After the scan is complete, the image will appear on the monitor. The intensifier will most likely degrade over a period of time therefore it must be properly serviced. These machines are essential to medical diagnostics everywhere!

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