Reducing Patient Anxiety during Testing

When a patient is going through health struggles, it is most likely that they have to rely on diagnostic imaging. This process can be somewhat overwhelming for some, due to the intimidating equipment, and outcome of the results. Some things you can do to reduce anxiety in your patients is to think of the overall patient experience. Technology comes first in helping your patients feel comfortable. If you’re looking to upgrade your Medical Imaging Equipment, talk to us here at Medilab Global, where we have Medical Imaging Equipment for Sale.

With the help of mobile equipment, like Refurbished Mobile PET/ CT Scanners patients can feel more comfortable. We also recommend wide bores, interactive projection, or colorful gantry protectors, to help your patients feel more at ease during testing.

Make an Effort to get to know your patient

If you want to reassure your patient, conversation is key. Asking them about their day, and simply getting to know more about them can make them feel more relaxed. Be sure to ask about their fears regarding testing and any technical specifications that can lead to them to further understand the process  will help.

Inform them about the procedure

Describing what your patient will experience during testing can help solve some of their doubts. What they will hear or see during the scan, what it means, and what the final outcome will look like. Explain how long the test will take and why it is important to take it. It’s okay to let them ask any questions, and you should answer them the best way possible. All of this should be done prior to the procedure to not interfere later in the scanning process.

Provide distraction

It is best to keep your patient entertained during a scan, you can do this with the help of visual elements or audio. Music can tune out the noise coming from the imaging equipment and this can help them relax. Before the test begins, you should ask your patient if they need to use the restroom or if they need a  glass of water to go on.  Do your best to help them feel comfortable during the scan and make sure it isn’t taking longer than it should. 

Patients who have a positive experience during testing are more likely to feel satisfied with the service provided and their overall healthcare journey. What your facility can do to improve and provide the best customer service possible will without a doubt positively rank your facility. These patients will then recommend your facility anytime and will come back without a doubt.

If you are interested in acquiring Used Medical Imaging Equipment, Refurbished Medical Imaging Equipment or Pre-Owned Medical Imaging Equipment contact us at Medilab Global-  we are happy to help! We ship worldwide to hospitals, clinics, pain management facilities, and much more!


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