Buying Refurbished or Used C-Arms- Things to keep in mind

The benefits of buying Refurbished or Used C-Arms are many. Reasons to own Refurbished Medical Imaging Equipment we can safely say that Used C-Arms are known to provide top results, durability, and stable performance. Having Pre-Owned Medical Imaging equipment means great savings and is also considered a trustworthy investment.

One of the main concerns our customers at Medilab Global have is the age of our Used C-Arms. One thing we always assure these customers is that no matter the age used C-Arms deliver substantial results and are designed to be long-lasting. Although age is a reasonable factor, some of the most important things to keep in mind when buying Refurbished Medical Imaging Machines focus more on the previous owner, image quality, the software, and key life components. We refurbish most of our equipment so it performs top-notch and can extend longevity. 

Previous Ownership

Knowing more about the previous owner can help reassure your purchase. Learning the conditions of the pre-owned equipment is also important. If the hospital or facility had the machine in optimum conditions it could mean the equipment is in good shape. Asking for proof of maintenance is also a good option to learn more about the machine.

Image Quality

One of the most important features of the C-Arm is image quality. This should mean sometimes overlooking the manufacturing date for the image quality. It is not always certain that the most recent manufacturing date means having better image quality.


Just because the C-Arm is newer, it doesn’t always mean that the software is up to date. You should be able to know what software comes with your refurbished C-Arm, and if possible you should definitely keep it up to date for best results.

Life Components

Depending on the use of the C-Arm, you should look into the aging of specific parts. Guaranteeing maintenance of the key components and parts can mean better results all around. Just because the C- Arm is older, it doesn’t mean all the parts might need replacing. Everything depends on what use the machine has had in the past.

Knowing all the specifications when you purchase Refurbished Medical Equipment and specifically used C-Arms can guarantee the success of your investment and the quality of your service. 

If you are interested in acquiring Used Medical Imaging Equipment, Refurbished Medical Imaging Equipment or Pre-Owned Medical Imaging Equipment contact us at Medilab Global-  we are happy to help! We ship worldwide to hospitals, clinics, pain management facilities, and much more!


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