Sustainability and Refurbished Medical Imaging Equipment

Imaging equipment helps hospitals and medical facilities worldwide to diagnose many conditions. Keeping this equipment in its best shape or having the most recent up-to-date technology requires a full investment and many times these facilities will replace their medical imaging equipment and will sell their older equipment. Just because it’s up for sale, doesn’t mean it’s inoperable. Buying Pre-Owned Medical Imaging Equipment can help the environment by not letting these machines end up in landfills. For facilities and hospitals that are willing to invest in second-hand machinery, it can mean saving money as well. Large hospitals are keen to update their equipment and this is where smaller facilities are able to invest in quality systems for a good fraction of the price. Companies such as Medilab Global guarantee quality and overall satisfaction when purchasing Pre-Owned Medical Imaging Equipment. We inspect all our Medical Equipment before it leaves our facility and makes sure it’s of great standards. 

The impact of having these systems end up in landfills on the environment is crucial.  These machines weigh an average of 20,000 lbs and while selling these machines for parts is usually on the list, disposing of the heavier material is more difficult. The disposal of medical equipment is often regulated by the state and the guidelines are very much strict. These components can be harmful to the environment so they are handled with great care.

Facilities are not only helping the environment but also help their patients when they purchase Used Radiology Equipment. They are investing in inpatient care for a reasonable price, and they are guaranteeing top results as well. These systems are very reliable and can also reduce waste. Reusing medical imaging equipment is sustainable, and facilities that invest in these are promoting the lifespan and maximizing it to its full potential just like Medilab is.

If you are interested in acquiring Used Medical Imaging Equipment, Refurbished Medical Imaging Equipment or Pre-Owned Medical Imaging Equipment contact us at Medilab Global-  we are happy to help! We ship worldwide to hospitals, clinics, pain management facilities, and much more!


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