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Mammography units use x-rays to produce images of the breast, a mammogram provides information about breast morphology, normal anatomy, and gross pathology. Mammography is used primarily to detect and diagnose breast cancer and to evaluate palpable masses and nonpalpable breast lesions. The Medilab Team can help you choose an amazing machine that is going to be perfect for your facility. We can help you decide with packaging and we also provide installation and deinstallation services if requested. We offer shipping worldwide and to any facility whether it be Hospitals, Universities, and or Medical Imaging Clinics. If you are looking for a Bone Densitometer, Mammography machine, or an Ultrasound machine, Medilab has it. We pride ourselves in providing a wide variety of Medical Imaging Equipment for our customers to choose from and assure that you will receive a great experience in buying or selling with us.

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