The Philips Eleva provides you with with the following Specification: The MultiDiagnost Eleva reflects our commitment to delivering the highest image quality at the lowest possible dose according to the ALARA principal, while enhancing quality of care and increasing productivity.Increased efficiency and throughput through ease of use and the revolutionary Eleva concept. Improved patient comfort […]


The GE Legacy R & F X-Ray has a Advantx High Frequency Generator, 4 Way Motorized Legacy Tilting Table with SID, Digital Spot Film Device and more. GE Legacy R/F Rooms gives you the following benefits: • Advantx High Frequency Generator• 4 Way Motorized Legacy Tilting Table with SID• Auto-Collimation and Phototiming• Digital Spot Film […]


The Siemens Axiom provides you with with the following Specification:• Subtracted fluoroscopy mode to emphasize vessels, making catheter and guide wire positioning easier• SIMOMED or LCD monitor• Handswitch/footswitch• Flat detector technology• Intercom system• Available tabletop options: tabletop narrow, tabletop wide, neuro tabletop, OR tabletop• Four basic control modules, depending on type and configuration:• Table (Table Control Module TCM)• Stand/C-arm (Stand Control Module SCM)• Collimation and […]

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