The GE Legacy R & F X-Ray has a Advantx High Frequency Generator, 4 Way Motorized Legacy Tilting Table with SID, Digital Spot Film Device and more. GE Legacy R/F Rooms gives you the following benefits:

• Advantx High Frequency Generator
• 4 Way Motorized Legacy Tilting Table with SID
• Auto-Collimation and Phototiming
• Digital Spot Film Device
The GE Legacy R/F Rooms provides you with with the following Specification:
• Legacy 90 degree Table
• Table Bucky and Grid
• Tri-Mode Inch Image Intensifier
• Patient Review Monitor, Wall Stand
• Conventional Mode Display
• 12 Inch Monochrome Monitor
• Virtual Collimation
• Dose Management Package
• User Tableside Controls
• ABS – Automatic Brightness
• 3 Phase High-Frequency Generator SCPU
• Advantx Overhead Tube Hanger
• DRS 3.2 Digital Imaging Chain
• Variable Frame Rate
• Eight Way Table Positioning
• Single Operator Control
• Dual Monitor Boom


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