The GE Proteus Rad Room provides you with with the following Specification:

• Broad clinical flexibility to address your basic radiographic needs
• Excellent image quality with dose efficiency to enhance your staff’s clinical confidence
• Ease of use to help support staff productivity
• Outstanding reliability to help ensure maximum uptime
• FlashPad wireless digital detector is a single panel (non-tiled) amorphous silicon detector with a Cesium Iodide scintillator
• Wireless connectivity from detector to system
• FlashPad detector designed for mobile use – 2 handles offer a secure grip
• Detector battery can take up to 50 exposures per hour and provide enough power for 3 hours of use on a single charge
• High-frequency, state-of-the-art generator available in 32/50/65/80 kW power ratings incorporated into a space-saving cabinet
• Overhead Tube Support (OTS)
• Patient-side control of techniques and receptors, including true source to image distance (SID) and angle displays
• Elevating table with a four-way floating table top
• Technician-designed user interface utilizing a 10.4 in. LCD touch screen display with anatomical programming
• Counter-balanced manually positioned wall stand with electromagnetic lock releases on both sides of the stand for simple positioning
• Automatic/manual collimation with cassette size sensing available for both the table and wall stand
• Three field ionization chamber detector
• Linear tomography with automatic exposure termination (AET)


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