The Ge Definium 5000 provides you with with the following Specification:

• Simple Configuration: With its compact, floor-mounted, U-arm design, the Definium 5000 fits into smaller rooms without the need of ceiling support structures, helping to reduce equipment and building costs associated with ceiling support structures. And it can be installed fast – potentially helping to further reduce expenditures.
• Flat-Panel Detector: GE’s exclusive CesiumIodide single-piece digital detector eliminates fused edges with dead pixel space, delivering excellent image quality with dose efficiency.
• Customized Flexibility: The Definium 5000’s intuitive touch screen and common user interface allows for easy and rapid command execution.
• Optional Auto Image Paste:  The use of Auto Image Paste software enables multiple exposures to be combined into a single image for long bone and scoliosis studies. The Definium 5000 digital radiographic imaging system is designed as a compact, digital imaging system for use in hospital emergency departments, orthopedic centers, and to support most general radiology applications. It provides excellent image quality, image manipulation and dose reporting. These features help make the system reliable and easy to use while providing high-quality radiographic images in a digital environment.


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