Having Issues With Your CT Scanner?

CT Scanners are one of the most common modalities of medical imaging equipment seen around hospitals and facilities. This being said, it is normal for CT Scanners to require an engineer visit once it has performed thousands of tests over the years. Some of the common issues that might pop up before performing a maintenance check on your equipment can be the following:

Calibration Issues

As we have mentioned before, it is crucial to calibrate your CT Scanner. Your equipment needs to deliver top quality results, and calibrating it will result in just that. After thousands of tests are done, it is normal for your CT Scanner to need calibrating. Doing this will guarantee high quality images that can prevent further testing. Calibrating can be done manually or automatically, depending on what you included when you purchased your medical imaging equipment.

When The X-Ray Tube Starts To Fail

Poor image quality can also be a result of X-Ray tube failure. Improper use or maintenance of the equipment can contribute to the failure of the X-Ray tube. The tube can be damaged or there can be some type of issue with the vacuum seal of the tube. You will need to contact an engineer to help fix this issue and reschedule all appointments.

Foggy Sensors or Filters

CT Scanners are sensitive systems, so keeping the humidity and temperature in the room is very important. Water vapor can condense the filters and sensors of your medical imaging equipment, therefore it is necessary to keep machine temperatures at  72° F. Another issue that can affect your CT Scanner is the accumulation of dust particles within the air filter system. This can be avoided by frequently changing the filters on your machine.

Power Surge

This can quickly damage your CT Scanner and your medical imaging equipment. Using an approved surge protector can help prevent this issue. All electrical equipment inside of your radiology department should be plugged into an outlet with a ground fault circuit interrupter to prevent this from happening.

Practicing correct use habits on your CT Scanners can help the lifespan of your equipment. Always provide recommended and specified maintenance on your medical imaging equipment, whether it is used medical imaging equipment or new to guarantee its performance.

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