When Your Medical Imaging Equipment Reaches End Of Life

The term end of life or EOL can cause some discomfort, but when it comes to medical imaging equipment, it means the product has reached the primary market viability. This means that support for this equipment is now limited or non-existent. The original manufacturer will cut off service due to the low possibilities of finding parts or software that is compatible.

Technology is advancing daily and some systems may be left behind and are no longer the priority for the manufacturer. This can be a struggle for those facilities that have had the same equipment for years and have to make a bigger effort to invest or upgrade to new or used medical imaging equipment that is still relevant.

Some things to know about EOL medical imaging equipment:

Servicing phase outs: Manufacturers will usually cut off servicing and technical support for equipment that is designated EOL. The time frame may vary but the end result will always be the same.

Part scarcity: Parts suppliers that manufacture for the OEMs no longer create those parts for those specific systems, therefore the OEMs no longer provide servicing or support for those systems, designating it an EOL system within the market. Manufacturers will usually still send an engineer to provide field support, but eventually training for these systems will no longer be a priority and engineers will no longer be able to help.

Although third party parts can be found, when a system reaches its EOL, not every issue can be solved. Eventually the best option for this is to upgrade your medical imaging equipment. There are two options when you come across this, purchase used medical imaging equipment or look for refurbished medical equipment for sale.

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