The Benefits of Mobile X-Ray Machines

Nowadays, facilities provide services to patients in their own homes for convenience. A mobile X-Ray is known to be able to disassemble to fit in the trunk of a car and can be easily transported. This type of unit is usually powered by a wall outlet and is very convenient and cost effective. Urgent care facilities, chiropractors, and outpatient centers all opt for having mobile x-ray equipment. Some of the pros and cons of having this type of  medical imaging equipment are the following:

Pros of Mobile X-ray Equipment

  • Disassembles easily for easy transportation inside a car
  • It can be transported practically without the need of a power source
  • Can be easily handled due to its compact size
  • It is lightweight therefore, it is easily moved around, and weighs up to 147 lbs
  • Cost efficient
  • Practical in communities where there are no imaging facilities available

Cons of Mobile X-ray Equipment

  • It needs to be plugged into a wall outlet in order to function
  • Limited power can mean not being able to scan larger patients
  • The patient must be lifted and placed over the cassette in order to be scanned

An analog X-Ray system was common back in the day, but digital X-Ray systems have prevailed in recent times and can no doubt have its benefits.

Pros of a Digital X-ray System

  • Less radiation is involved.
  • There is no need to process the cassette, therefore you can analyze the scans in real time
  • Image settings like contrast can be manually adjusted on the X-Ray system
  • Digital scans can be easily shared with other facilities and patients

Cons of a Digital X-ray System

  • Digital equipment tends to cost more
  • There are weight limits on digital cassettes
  • DR plates are delicate and can be easily damaged
  • Digital systems require a working WiFi connection
  • Battery power is required for the imaging plates

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