Increase The Lifespan Of Your CT Scanner Tube

The lifespan of your CT Scanner tube depends on various aspects like patient frequency, how often tests are required, and what type of exams are generally taken at your facility. Many factors can come into play that can affect the lifespan of your CT Scanner tube. Things like mechanical issues, environmental, and frequency of use can all affect the lifespan of your CT Scanner tube.

Some tips to increase the lifespan of your CT Scanner tube are the following:

Keep it cool: CT Scanners produce high heat temperatures, so keeping it within the estimated heat and cooling curve is very important. Staying with the suggested levels of operation can prevent melting in the tube.

Filament boost and current: Keeping within the recommended current (mA), exposure to medical imaging equipment, and the (kVP) are all ways to prevent damage and usage on your tube.

Rotor brake cycle: Monitoring the rotor brake to ensure the lifespan of your tube is crucial. Every time the rotor stops, there should be a break of 30-40 seconds; when it is less time than that, your tube can start to deteriorate.

Some signs that the tube on your medical imaging equipment needs to be replaced are when the oil is sucked into the tube inset, indicating a puncture. A crack on the X-Ray tube can mean the vacuum is having issues. And when there is a loss of vacuum inside the tube box, it should be immediately examined by a professional.

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