Tips to Maintain your X-Ray Equipment

All facilities that own X-Ray machines can agree that maintaining this type of medical imaging equipment is necessary for its functionality. Having a clear image on display will help any diagnosis, and to always achieve this, there are certain tips you can follow. A facility’s income will also depend on the quality of its service and, furthermore, their medical imaging equipment. If there are flaws in the X-Ray system that haven’t been corrected over time, this can affect the outcome of the business. Below we will talk about some tips to help your facility keep its X-Ray machines in tip-top shape.

Testing for electrical malfunction is crucial for keeping your medical imaging equipment working properly. Having routine testing such as cautioning lamps, security interlock, and sensor tests are really important. These mechanical tests must be performed regularly to ensure proper functioning. A mechanical engineer should also certify safe mounting wire ends, and crash limits must be set appropriately if your X-Ray system requires motion. A software check-up must also be performed to guarantee file updates.

When you call your trusted preventative maintenance engineer, one of the first things they will check is the functionality of your medical imaging equipment. This can include X-Ray production, movement, and imaging tests. Once they go through these steps, they should double-check to make sure the adjustments made reach quality standards and don’t vary. The X-Ray tube and detector will be checked to guarantee it is aligned, and it will be adjusted if needed.

Keeping your used X-Ray equipment clean is a basic rule for functionality. Dust particles and debris can affect the X-Ray system and its movement, cooling, and image quality. The fencing on the X-Ray tube must be cleaned, and the O rings must be inspected and replaced if needed. High voltage wires should also be tended to by getting cleaned and oiled. 

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