Comparing SIEMENS CT Scanners

ecently in the secondary market, there has been an increase in stock of the Siemens definition series CT Scanners. Having all the highest quality and performance for a lower price can be an easy deal for many facilities looking to upgrade their medical imaging equipment. This model, in particular, comes in 20,32,40,64, and 124 slices. Today we will analyze the following four series belonging to this model:

Siemens Definition DS

This is the first model in the series to have two straton MX Tubes incorporated. This means this model can capture twice as many slices as a single source. The scan time and image quality on this model is impressive, and his model can be considered a 128-slice count CT Scanner. One of the cons of this model is the same tube, given that at any time, the replacement would be double, and the price ranges from 120k- 200k.

Siemens Definition AS/AS+

The AS( Adaptive Scanning) model comes in 20, 40, and 64 slices. It can be considered a best seller due to its price, and the AS+ gives you 128 slices. Both models have the same hardware, but the slice count is what varies, although you can always upgrade the slice count.

Siemens Definition Flash

This series comes with two 128-slice count detectors and two tubes making it a 256-slice count by default. The resolution on this device is exceptional, and so is the scan time, although the service cost isn’t very convenient. 

Siemens Definition Edge

This model comes in 128 slices and has the same speed as the Definition Flash due to Siemens’ TwinBeam Dual Energy technology. This model won’t increase the radiation dose while also acquiring two data sets. It costs almost the same as a single source scanner within the AS subgroup.

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