Things to Keep in Mind Before Your Imaging Exam

Medical imaging plays a great part in diagnosing patients everywhere. Getting scanned with Medical Imaging Equipment can help reduce the risk of disease spreading and also unnecessary surgery and early detection. Imaging can also be known to cause anxiety in patients; therefore, health facilities care to give out information that will help reduce the stress of testing. Being prepared with the correct information can help ease the pre-screening jitters as well.

In recent years, the advancement of technology has helped untangle the process of clinical records and keeping information from previous exams online. Doctors will let a patient know which paperwork is necessary, but knowing which exam is right for you and what you need is critical. Medical ID and insurance will be required if it’s your first time at the facility.

Metal objects and jewelry can interfere with your imaging test; therefore, it is important to leave them at home or store them away before your imaging exam. Medical Imaging Equipment is sensitive machinery, and metal can interfere with its proper functioning. The most sensitive modality to metal objects is an  MRI machine due to the high-powered magnetic field. This is why it is crucial to let your doctor know if you have a metal implant anywhere in your system; when this is the case, an MRI exam is out of the question.

Another thing known to interfere with your imaging exam is deodorant. Wearing deodorant to your screening can cause distortion in the images since it causes white spots that make it hard to interpret these. So if you have somewhere important to be after your exam, you can take a spare in your bag for after your test.

Clothing can also be known to interfere with imaging exams, so doctors will most likely have patients wear a gown for some tests. Other exams can be done with loose-fitting clothing that doesn’t have metal objects incorporated. Other items like wigs, hearing aids, dentures, and wired bras must be removed before scanning.

Patients that require extended screening accommodations like anesthesia will most likely be asked to fast before the imaging exam. A list of current medication taken must be provided for your doctor beforehand as well. If you’re doing a much more simple exam, this will not be required. Knowing these tips prior to testing will help you feel safe and prepared before your screening.

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