Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound and How it Works

Many patients are concerned about exposure to radiation when performing exams involving medical imaging equipment. An alternative for these other types of medical imaging equipment can be to use an ultrasound machine and involve a special contrast that will enhance the images. Contrast-enhanced ultrasound can replace certain exams, typically involving the liver or urinary system. This exam is painless and can have key advantages over regular imaging exams.

Contrast ultrasound combines ultrasound technology and contrast agents to create accurate and detailed images of internal organs. This exam is non-invasive, uses sound waves, and it does not expose patients to radiation. This can replace MRI and CT Scans of organs like the liver, kidneys, bladder, and others on occasion.

Just like an ultrasound, the technologist will guide a probe over the skin with warm gel around the different areas needing to be examined. In a span of about 30 minutes, the technologist will gather all the different images that were scanned previous to the contrast dye. After this, a special contrast called Lumason must be injected into the bladder or through a catheter and an IV line. 

This contrast contains gas-filled microbubbles that will get to your organs and expose them more easily. The technologist will then take the images after the dye is injected to be able to compare both scans. The advantages of this type of imaging exam are the safety involved in not using radiation, the accuracy in the images, the ease in not having to go through prior testing or other types of medical imaging equipment, and the affordability of the exam.

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